What are fallen angels? : History and list

Within all religions there are several supernatural species, as well as angels, to which we have some affection or devotion, since through them we can feel the presence of our God and his glory. However, today we will talk about those who decided not to follow in the footsteps of their creator and why they were banished from the heavenly world, the so-called fallen angels.

Fallen angels

What are fallen angels? Well, in the Catholic religion, God, just before creating Adam and Eve, created a series of angels that would help him reflect his love and principles to all beings, not only earthly, but also those of the heavenly kingdom.

Each of them had an important mission to fulfill, however, some of them became rebellious and began to commit sins that caused God to expel them from heaven.

Once these angels were expelled, they were called ” fallen angels from heaven” since they would no longer be welcome in the house of God nor will they enjoy the love and peace that reigns there.

Once free and without complying with any rule of the creator, they decided to become “demons” that disrupt the peace and stability of human beings on earth, tempting them to fall into any or all of the deadly sins.

These new demons enjoyed and enjoyed the evil they caused, especially to those souls that were far from God, and those who were innocent and easy to make them fall into their traps and lies. The demons promised these people a life full of success, luxury and enjoyment if they let themselves be carried away by their thoughts.

 The demons and the deadly sins

Let us remember that these capital sins are transmitted by these  fallen angels turned into demons and that they are still a current and latent temptation within our world, which we must eradicate and not allow them in our lives.

These deadly sins are 7, and we will explain each one of them.

the deadly sins

Greed: Greed is one of the most common sins that exists within the human race.

It is based on the highest expression of selfishness, where people who have this sin blind themselves to power by wanting to have thousands of material goods just for themselves, without sharing them with someone else.

Envy: This sin can be applied not only to desire the material goods of another person, but also to desire their work life and even family and sentimental life.

In addition to being falsely happy for the achievements of the other when in reality he wishes with much malice that the joy and glory of the other person would end. Some of the angels fallen from heaven were full of envy towards God.

Lust: It is based on the thought of an obsessive and insane person of a sexual nature, with people close to their family circle or even with people they do not know.

Most of the fallen angels  were banished from heaven for having these sinful thoughts.

Pride: It lies in that desire to feel superior to others, believing oneself better and humiliating others. Something very similar to what happened to some of the fallen angels , who believed they were a god with the gifts that the creator gave them.

Gluttony: A sin that causes people to abuse their abilities, filling themselves with cravings and the desire to eat excessively without leaving food for others.

Anger:  A behavior based on hatred and rage towards others, highly violent and dangerous among human beings, which damages mental health and drives the people who possess it crazy.

Laziness: Attitude of a carefree person in situations, in which he stops fulfilling tasks that affect others.

history of fallen angels

According to the book of Enach and the ancient scriptures, it can be said that these angels were specially created by God to watch over and take care of man on earth, these angels had the ability to enter and leave heaven, since they belonged to both worlds, of course is, before they revealed themselves and were totally expelled from heaven.

There are several types of fallen angels who starred in one of the main causes for which they were expelled from heaven, this was, because on earth they were filled with lust towards the daughters of men on earth, and without caring about the principles of God the same they tempted them and had children with them.

These new beings existing on earth were called giant demigods, since they were the product of angels and humans.

Many of these angels also fell for teaching men the capacity for power through wars and the creation of weapons to attack each other among humans, making them fall into hatred and rage among human beings.

Through these new teachings people proceeded to steal land and property belonging to others.

names of fallen angels

According to the scriptures and ancient books of the Catholic Church there are several types of fallen angels and it is said that approximately 200 angels fell from heaven, of which 20 were leaders and the rest were watchmen of society.

In this article we are going to tell you about the angels most recognized by the Bible and turned into demons that caused the most damage and impact to disrupt the peace of society on earth.

Names of fallen angels and demons

° Luzbel – Lucifer

He was one of the most beautiful angels created by God, in order to be him, to guide the other angels. Created with great beauty, perfection and with a unique light.

God had him as a special son. After realizing the power God had given him, he began to rebel against him, making Adam and Eve sin by turning into a snake and tempting them to eat the apple.

After that action, God decided to banish him from the kingdom of heaven and even changed his name to “Satan” which means traitor, opponent and enemy of God. He was the first fallen angel .

Later, and seeing the damage he could cause to humanity, Saint Michael the Archangel condemned him and 200 sinful angels to wander the earth until the end of his days. Lucifer took advantage of the grace that God gave him, his beauty, this helped him to see himself as a sweet and peaceful angel where he easily deceived people, making them believe in things that were not of God.

The Bible and the verse dedicated to Lucifer

According to the bible and the scriptures, one of the first times that Lucifer is described was when the prophet Ezekiel dedicated some lines to him (Ez 28.12-19) where he said that this angel had preferred to disobey God and betray him, after all the virtues that he had given him:

“Son of man, sing an elegy on the king of Tyre. You will tell him:  Thus says the Lord: You were the seal of a fantastic work, full of beauty and wisdom. In Eden you were, in the garden of God.

All sorts of precious stones formed your mantle: ruby, topaz, diamond, onyx stone, jasper, sapphire, malachite, polished stones, emerald; The earrings and pendants you wore were wrought in gold, adorned from the day of your creation.

Little protector with spread wings I had made you, you were on the holy mountain of your creator, you walked between stones of fire. You were perfect and excellent in your conduct from the day of your creation, until the day iniquity was found in you. Due to the breadth of your trade, your interior has been filled with violence, evil, and you have sinned.

And I have expelled you from the mountain of God, and I have eliminated you, little protector, from the midst of the stones of fire. Your heart has paid for your beauty, you have corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor.

I have thrown you to the ground, I have shown you as a spectacle to kings. By the multitude of your faults for the immorality of your trade, you have profaned your sanctuaries. And I have taken from you the fire that has devoured you; I have reduced you to ashes on the ground, in the eyes of all who looked at you. All the peoples who knew you are in awe of you. You are an object of fear, sadness and you have disappeared forever.»

fallen angels today

Today and throughout the world, these angels continue to do evil to innocent people far from God, that is why today we see much sin in humanity, people full of hatred, anger and envy, happy to cause damage to society, many murders, rapes, abuse of children and animals. New religions with false gods, many insane rituals and alien to the teachings of God.

We must, as Catholics and faithful believers in our creator, take his word to the new generations and follow his commandments just as our ancestors taught us. So that, when the day of final judgment arrives, we can enjoy the promises and the glory of God in heaven.

All those people who do evil to others must accompany Lucifer in hell and suffer for all eternity, for having enjoyed so much sin and evil.

° Semyazza

The most important of the 20 fallen angel leaders . He motivated the 199 angels to fall in love and father children with humans. Not just with one, but with several women.

° Conclusion 

Lucifer’s most faithful angel, his accomplice at all times, helped a community of angels to reveal themselves to God and begin to sin.

° Kesabel

After Yekun, he was the next worshiping angel of Lucifer. He took it upon himself to continue tempting humans to fall into deadly sins.

° Azazel

This angel was in charge of teaching the damsels how to use their bodies to deceive and seduce men, through rituals and insane witchcraft.

His name was placed due to the great strength that he possessed, on many occasions he became rude and conceited towards God.

° Shamsiel

One of the most recognized leaders within the angels due to his great ability to be vigilant against evil.

° Arakiel

He was one of those in charge of teaching man the mystery behind the scriptures, through the interpretation of circles, lines, points and silhouettes, in order to place forbidden messages or messages against God in code.

° Tamiel

The mission of this angel was to educate the population and incite them to do evil, such as lust and abortion, demons and their powers so that they would also be praised as a God.

° Sathariel

Defender of all the thoughts and sins of Lucifer, and in charge of hiding all images and proofs of God’s mercy.

° Ramiel

God had granted him the power to help guide the dead to paradise, but he fell from heaven out of lust.

° Azkeel

Condemned for unleashing evil and causing the other angels to sin, as well as man.

° Arm us

One of the angels called the most cursed of all because he taught man to perform charms and evil spells.

° Araziel

Angel in charge of creating and teaching black magic and witchcraft within human beings.

° Baraquiel

He used astrology to teach and confuse the beings of the earth.

° Agniel

Angel who used the herbs and plants of the earth to make potions and teach them to man.

° Akibeel

Responsible for creating laziness and distrust in men regarding the origins of the world.

° inventor

Through the orders of Lucifer, he was one of the main angels in showing the human being what he is and how to use the lie in his favor to achieve sinful goals.

He was also in charge of making writings with strange and different languages, in order to teach evil and the knowledge of destruction to all human beings who learned this language.

He told them that it was important to know other languages ​​to be more powerful within the society where they lived and thus be able to become leaders of evil and lead all the members of the town to sin and darkness.

Thanks to these writings, mass attacks of suicides and murders began to be seen in the population, since they created a lot of envy of power and violence within its inhabitants.

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