Respect for Women, in Daily Life, Get to Know It

Respect for the human being must prevail in the thoughts and attitudes of one person to another, likewise, respect for women must exist and be strengthened, since women, being delicate and the weaker sex, must enjoy this feeling at the level of all people and in all social spheres.

respect for women

Respect for women must be, as we said before, the feeling that must be expressed in each social and general sphere of all people, mainly by the male sex.
This should not become just an altruistic act of man as being chivalrous and being attentive and cordial with a weaker and more delicate being. Her dignity as a woman is for herself.

question of culture

In relation to the culture that we have, women have played a bonding role in relation to men. At the beginning, as a pretext, the superiority of men over women is imposed in the form of dominance.

However, there are other elements that arise as excuses, such as the work that women do at home and care for their family. In this way, the man continues to be the breadwinner of the family in the economic sphere and the woman is in charge of running the home and everything that this implies.

However, at the present time and with women’s liberation and the current situation of the economy, women have been forced to also serve as support in the economic sphere of the home, contributing to the expenses of the home and their family.

In the previous case, despite the fact that the woman now has the obligation, just like the man, to leave the house to work and look for daily sustenance.

They continue to maintain their obligation to care for their children, the house, their chores, for this reason this allows the man to continue feeling like a boss and thinks that the woman should obey him.

With the foregoing, women are allowed to live in a situation of disadvantage in which their decision-making part is affected. Taking into account that she can often make important decisions in relation to her life.

Due to the fact that as a child and until puberty she will depend on the decision of her parents at all times until she comes of age, then she passes to the wife phase and that is when she begins to depend on the decisions of her husband.

Respect in everyday life

Women must be respected at all times, but we must ask ourselves, where and when should this change begin? Likewise, we must ask ourselves the following question: where and when is it customary to develop this type of inconvenience? We must look for the answer in our own home as well as in school, in the time of formation.

Most of the attitudes of the human being are developed under the control of parents, for this reason those who logically exert great influence on the attitude and decisions of young people are parents.

In the case of men, their attitude will depend on the way they are raised and the decisions made by their parents during their youth. This is what allows them to have a certain attitude towards women in the future.

Obviously, the problem can be improved by using keys to improve the problem that occur from the early education stage, which should be adequate and that gets involved in the home with the support of the parents.

The search for freedom

The woman during her phase of stages has been climbing spaces in social life and has begun to exercise part of her freedom. It is an achievement that benefits her at the level of studies, technical and professional work. All this has been positive for her since she has been occupying positions of greater importance every day that time goes by.

However, there are some spaces in which women’s performance is still restricted, as is the case in business. Sometimes her presence is only allowed for the convenience of her liberal appearance. The woman is still considered second party in many areas.

Phrases of respect

Not only must we act at the school level, we must also keep in mind some phrases of respect for women , which are usually important and should induce us to be respected in terms of the decisions they make.

The concept of machismo that has caused so much damage since ancient times must be changed, and that even today is still a cause of discrimination and lack of respect for women, being for them a cause of sadness and often silent suffering.

This is also a cause of possible gender violence, which today also has a high percentage rate in the world due to the same macho attitude and its minority in so many aspects of daily life.

For this reason and as we said, there are phrases that we must put into practice of respect for women and that are taken into consideration in all social, work and personal sense, namely:

1. The woman is not only a body

Likewise, the way of speaking is usually part of the macho attitudes of some men. A woman should not be treated according to her body parts. For example, we see it very often nowadays, they refer to it as “a good butt”.

This has already been done in a common way and today it is accepted naturally in society, as well as in advertisements, among friends, on television, etc.
If we do not know her name, it is better to leave her alone and not refer to her. We must also keep in mind that man is never called or mentioned by any particular part of his body.

2. The woman will be able to dress as she wants

Another attitude that must be changed regarding the way of seeing women is the way they dress, many times it is seen as provocative, she can dress the way she wants.

Society must understand that women dress in different ways and not with the sense of flirting with a man or looking for another intention with him. Still many young people reliably forbid their girlfriends the way they should dress. This attitude is also considered machismo.

3. No one owns anyone

Another attitude against respect for women is that many men and young people think that the girl is their absolute property. This is a big mistake and one more attitude of machismo against her. We must keep in mind that no one owns another.

Not even the same parents are owners of our own children. With this type of attitude, problems can arise at the level of jealousy since possessive attitudes begin to appear.

This type of attitude will bring problems after problems. That is why it is important that the concept that no one owns anyone is understood and with this we will avoid so many problems that are created for this reason such as machismo, and gender violence.

4. Not controlling your movements

Another attitude that will have to be totally changed is to try to control the woman’s movements. The bad habit of checking the phone for messages, checking who she talks to, etc. should be avoided.

On the contrary, you should try to resolve this attitude in a conscious way and talking at all times. Women have the right to have a private life and should not be allowed to be controlled.

She should observe if the man with whom she is related does not have a positive attitude of change or does not present the possibility of correcting such an attitude, the woman should think about the possibility of changing the relationship if necessary.

5. ‘No’ means ‘no’

The woman must have the decision to say “no” and this decision must be respected by anyone, mainly by the partner she has at the time. The man must respect that “no” of the woman since otherwise it is considered a lack of respect for the woman.

Similarly, some couples should respect when the girl says “no” in response to a certain attitude, the man should respect if the girl says no means no. This decision probably does not have a rectification in it and if not, it must be respected.

6. Ask for help

It is important to determine if the partners that the woman has have any type of mental or psychological problem, since if so, it must be resolved through medical means. Since this type of behavior can occur from childhood and must be resolved, so that the woman does not suffer this type of situation that often denigrates her.

what to beat

It is also important to put an end once and for all to the absurd idea regarding the dignity of women as well as that of children, one must think of their absolute weakness.

In the liturgical writing itself it is observed how it determines that the marriage is made up of two men and women, and on the latter it establishes her as “companion of equal dignity”, likewise the orientation before marriage determines the spouses as head of the household, both spouses.

different in functions

In relation to this issue of functions, both men and women are equal in terms of dignity, but they are totally opposite in terms of the various functions. Always in the Catholic part it is determined to the spouses that both must participate in the mutual formation of the family and must help each other.

Other rules to keep in mind

If a woman, while married, renounces her children, we can also think that she is renouncing her right to be a woman. Civil laws regarding maternity protection for women when they are working are clear and favorable.

Likewise, married couples are favorable when they apply due accompaniment between both regarding children, when the latter has the obligation to work outside.

Finally, we must say in the same way that men are also praiseworthy when they share with their partner the tasks with the children in an equitable way and in terms of the responsibilities of the home itself.

Respect for women is given in the home itself, among other ideas we have the following:

 When daughters are granted the same growth opportunities as sons.
 If the sister is not made an assistant to the brothers.
 At the time that the male children participate equally in housework.
 If daughters are not repressed for being a woman.
 By teaching children respect and fidelity to the bride.
 In making decisions between the wife and the husband mutually.

The Bible and women

The Bible outlines the following in relation to women: “That your adornment does not consist of external things, such as exaggerated hairstyles, gold garments or luxurious dresses, but on the contrary in the intimacy of the heart, in the indestructible beauty of the body. gentle and calm spirit. This kind of beauty is more important in the eyes of God.”

We must make the following reflection if we do not judge a book by its cover, we should not be judging people only by their sex.

In the same way, the Bible also gives word in relation to the issue of respect for women. And he teaches men in Ephesians 5:28: “The husband should love his wife as his own body. He who loves his wife loves himself.”

This is due to the fact that the two, being united, become one body and apart from each other, each one puts 50% into the couple’s relationship. If in any case the husband misuses that fifty percent, he automatically harms the wife in any way. And if he harms the wife in any other way, he will still be at risk of harm to himself.

This is because marriage is an investment relationship in which both members participate, and everything that affects one will automatically affect the other.

respect at home

Another problem that afflicts respect for women is that when they work outside the home, they run into the situation that some husbands are not able to recognize the work they do at home.

And besides, they do not help her in any way, in relation to this, Susan Faludi maintains: the woman does not even have the right to equality in her own house, since 70% of the trades she performs, all weigh on her and her back.

How to solve this type of situation?

Although for some men it is not very pleasant due to their beliefs and cultures, such tasks should be carried out following a fair work plan and balance, especially if it is the woman who works outside the home.

It should also be noted that the distribution of work will take into account activities carried out by men such as car occupation, gardening, electrical and plumbing repairs.

However, the time spent by the man will never be the same as the one she establishes for all the household chores. There are countries where men expect women to be the one to wash the car and keep it always clean.

Likewise, this help is based on the advice that Peter gives to men in the Bible in relation to: that husbands should dwell consciously and in accordance with their wives in domestic tasks. This refers to the fact that the man should not be an invisible or insensitive figure who is under the same roof as the woman.

You must respect their intelligence, experience and consider their work more in a double way, since many times the woman works in the street and also in the home itself.
She, likewise, must understand the needs of women for being a wife, a mother; not only bring bread to the house and money, since with the liberation of women today they do it themselves.

The husband must also understand her emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, sexual needs, etc.

Another form of disrespect for women is the fact of changing her work duties without taking into account her opinion, her wishes.

In relation to this, nurse Jean maintained the following: “It would be so nice if they consult us before making any determination in our daily work. this attitude would suggest that there is good psychology. The woman needs to be shown respect, compassion, she must also feel valued and appreciated for the fact that she is a woman”.


We hope that with these lines we have been able to make it clear to some men who still have sexist attitudes and dominance over women, that women have every right to be valued, respected and take their opinion into account at all times in the decisions that they may make. be taken.

Likewise, that she be valued in all the areas that she can carry out, either within the home or in foreign activities if she works, for example, in the street, in all areas she must be respected and considered only for the fact of being a woman.

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