Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to return

The Prayer to San Antonio de Padua for a love to return, is one of the most performed prayers today, since through it excellent benefits are achieved, then we will teach you how to make some prayers that are very effective.

Prayer to the mighty Saint Anthony to recover an impossible love

On this occasion we will teach you how to correctly perform a powerful prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua so that an impossible love returns, it is a simple but very effective prayer, you just have to have faith, and you will see that this saint grants you what you are asking for quickly .


Oh great and mighty Saint Anthony

Today we come to you, to ask you to listen to this sincere prayer, we know that God chose you as a faithful intercessor for all those who raise their prayers to you with faith and hope, so I ask you to help me in this difficult situation.

Oh, dear Saint Anthony of Padua,
you are considered a protector and defender, so I humbly ask you to bring back (Say the name of the person you love…), allow him to return and stay by my side forever, brings us a strong union and reconciliation, that we can both be together and happy every day.

I also want to ask you, great Saint Anthony, that the love that every request that I make with faith to you, has a favorable response, you know that I love that person that I want to be by his side, make (Say the name of the person…) Find the way and come back to me.

Fill our relationship with peace and well-being every day that we can move forward together at all times, also fill our hearts with sincere love, that the almighty God can strengthen this feeling.

Dear Saint Anthony of Padua, you who are noble and full of love, I thank you for each of the favors granted, I know that (Say the person’s name) will return soon, so I thank you for your understanding and for your valuable help. .Amen.!!!

Prayer to the Powerful Saint Anthony to Recover an Impossible, Difficult Love

Oh Saint Anthony, only you can offer help to each of your devotees, that’s why I beg you on this day to listen to my sincere and humble prayer, I beg you to lend me your valuable help
and to get me out of all problems and difficulties.

Saint Anthony, bring the person I love, allow his heart to be filled with sincere love, keep away all lies from us so that mistakes and failures remain in oblivion and that together we can be happy, Saint Anthony, you who make lost things allows you to recover forever the love of (Mention the name of the person you want to return…), that we can be united more every day.

Allow that person to come back and feel true love, only you can unite couples, that’s why I ask you to bring peace, harmony and great affection between them, I know you can do great miracles and that’s why I raise this sincere prayer to you .

Please, San Antonio, grant me the reconciliation between (Mention the name of the person…) and me,
allow me to feel again attraction and a strong affection for me, to come back and we can be together, I also ask you to move away from our paths to all those people who only want to harm, remove from our environment the liars, envious, who only seek to separate.

I also pray that with your great power you clean our paths, help us to jump over obstacles together, that every day we can achieve great victories, and that the love between the two is stronger, so be it. Amen.!!!

Know the prayer to San Antonio to recover a lost love

With the prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua, you will be able to recover the love of that person you love so much, that is why we recommend that you make this prayer and you will see how quickly that loved one returns, since this saint is considered one of the most effective to provide solutions in difficult cases.

Prayer to San Antonio to recover a love that has gone

There are many circumstances that can distance the loved one from your path, so in cases that are impossible there is an effective prayer to Saint Anthony, this divinity can help you so that the person you love so much forgives you and returns with you again.

When someone else has gotten in our way

In cases where the couple left because of a third party, you can also resort to praying to Saint Anthony for the loved one to return , in this way you will get him to return soon, and that his being is filled with the deepest repentance and He will never walk away from you again.

Prayer to San Antonio to recover love in the relationship

Another of the cases in which the prayer to Saint Anthony is effective is when you need to light the flame of love in the relationship, for this reason if you want to completely recover the affection and passion in both, we suggest you do this Simple and powerful prayer to Saint Anthony to recover a love.

When distance and time have separated them

With this prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for the loved one to return, you will be able to recover the love of your life and have it forever with you, that is why we recommend that you make this prayer with great faith and hope, in this way you will get the answer to your request .

The prayer to San Antonio to recover a lost love

“Blessed San Antonio, you who are considered by each of your devotees as a great protector of lovers; On this day
I come to you requesting your valuable and timely help; please I beg you to listen to my pleas,
allow that with your power I can recover the love of (Mention the name of the person);
Since I want to be by his side, only you know that in my heart there is a deep and sincere love for this person.

That is why I beg you to bring unity among us, bring our hearts together again;
that we can be happy, allow him to forgive me and return to my side forever, remove the distances and that we return to enjoy a sincere and true love.AMEN.

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