Potions for love, how to make it and how effective?

The well-known love potions are very effective and powerful, since through them you can attract love into your life and in this way get those people you want so much to be by your side and only have eyes for you. Do not stop reading the post as it contains important information

potions for love

A potion for love is nothing more than the magical mixture of many ingredients with great properties and when making these mixtures correctly, it yields a successful result and is nothing more than a good potion to make that person fall in love with that person that we so much want to have by our side. .

Obviously potions are closely related to sorcery and white magic, since a clear example that describes a potion is a boiling cauldron over low heat and a witch stirring nonstop, which is why since ancient times potions are associated with wizardry and witchcraft, however, love potions in recent times have become enormously popular today since there are countless people who resort to this practice to attract love into their lives.

Next we are going to begin to describe a series of potions that are quite effective in making that man or woman fall in love with us that we want so much to have by our side, there is nothing like feeling loved and desired if you want to feel that sensation, pay close attention to each one of the ingredients of these potions and the steps you must follow to prepare it to the letter.


  • A handful of cherry blossoms, fresh or dried
  • 1/4 cup (60 ml) of white drink (vodka or light rum)
  • a tablespoon of sugar
  • a tablespoon of salt
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice

Step by Step

To begin the process of making this potion, the first thing to do is place the vodka and white rum in a pot in the kitchen, then heat both ingredients over medium heat, little by little, adding the salt. and sugar until both dissolve completely.

After you realize that both the salt and the sugar have completely dissolved, you will proceed to add the cherry blossoms (lavender) and with a wooden spoon only, once you have added the flowers, you will proceed to stir very well, at all times during the preparation of the potion to have the kitchen on medium heat, since what is sought is to heat the potion but not to boil it, in this way then we will proceed to add the lemon juice and to continue with the process in a clear and strong way, the following spell will be recited:

“Light of love, Clear and bright,

Petals in the air, shining everywhere,

I want to dance with love,

risk love,

That comes to me.

free me and teach me

to be the lover

what can i be

For the sun and the moon,

And for three times three

this is my will

So be it.”

Once you have finished reciting the incantation you are going to turn off the kitchen and let the potion cool down and you are going to proceed to place it in a glass bottle, and from the next day you are going to start taking three drops of this potion in a glass of water, three times a day for three days. You should always keep in mind while taking the potion what you want and yearn for and think positive at all times.

It is important to keep in mind that with this potion the love canines will open very quickly and that love that you long for will come very quickly to your life, you have to follow the instructions to the letter and drink the potion three times a day. day that affects for three days as mentioned because if you do not follow the instructions things will not go as they should, if on the second day you begin to see that the position is already taking effect, the same should be completed on the third day.

Potion to awaken passion

The love potion that we are going to describe that we are going to know next is very powerful and effective since said potion works like a perfume whose fundamental objective is to arouse the passion of the person who wears it, this potion can be used as much as with your current partner to revive the flames of passion in religion as well as it can be used to awaken the passion of the person you want to conquer.


  • 3 large apples
  •  Cinnamon
  •  yarrow
  • Pure water
  • Salt

All the ingredients that are going to be used to make the potion are closely related to what love and passion are, in addition to these ingredients described above, you will need a pot to be able to proceed with the preparation of this powerful potion.

Step by Step

To begin with the preparation of the potion, the first thing you are going to do is proceed to bless or consecrate all the elements that you are going to use for the potion, this blessing is going to be done according to your religious creed or also according to your Goddesses or Gods , you must keep in mind that throughout the process of preparing the potion you must be clear about the objectives for which you are making said potion.

After all the elements are blessed or consecrated as indicated above, the apples will be cut, and then they will be placed inside the pot, covered with cinnamon and yarrow.

Then you will proceed to add the water, until all the apples are submerged in it and then add a pinch of salt. You are going to turn on the kitchen over low heat and you are going to stir all the ingredients in a clockwise direction and while you are stirring you are going to recite a love spell which you are going to do of your own creation since in this way it is more effective .

You must leave the potion over low heat for approximately 90 minutes, then you are going to turn off and let it cool, you are going to place the potion and you are going to place it in a glass jar that is dark. Then you will place 4 drops in your favorite cologne and you will use it for 4 days and you will begin to experience the changes since the potion will begin to act.

Tea love potion


  • 1 pinch of rosemary
  • 2 teaspoons of common black tea
  • 3 pinches of thyme
  • 3 pinches of nutmeg
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 6 fresh rose petals
  • 6 lemon leaves
  • 3 cups of pure spring water
  • sugar to taste
  • Honey

Step by Step

This potion is ideal for making the person you long for fall in love with you, however you must keep in mind that the potion must be made on a Friday and on a crescent moon. Since the crescent moon is the moment when the moon goes from dark to full moon and it is of great influence for the potion.

To begin with the making of the potion in the form of tea, the first thing to do is place each and every one of the ingredients inside a teapot which must be made of clay or copper, and proceed to boil 3 cups. of pure water to make the tea and it can be sweetened with sugar and honey to taste.

After the tea is ready, the first thing you are going to do is proceed to drink the tea yourself and while you drink it mentally, repeat with great confidence the following spell, you must repeat it 3 times:

“By the light of the growing moon,

This tea will make (person’s name) love me.”

Drink some tea and say:

“Goddess of love hear my plea,

Make (her name) want me!

So be it!”

To complete this process, the next you are going to proceed with the same steps indicated above to prepare a large amount of love potion tea, and you are going to give it to that person who you want so much to love you with the same force. that you do, and you will see how faster than a rooster sings that man or that woman will begin to fall in love with you.

Potion to attract a man


  • 6 drops of Patchouli oil
  • 6 drops of sandalwood oil
  • 6 drops of rose oil
  • 6 drops of clove oil
  • 6 drops of nutmeg oil
  • 6 drops of olive oil

Step by Step

This love potion will also be used as a perfume and it is made by perfectly mixing all the materials that were indicated in the previous lines. This perfume should always be worn when you are next to or near that man you want to fall in love with so much and you will see how effective it can be.

However, you must be very careful with what the combination of aromas is, since the essences that you are going to use are very powerful, once you apply the potion as a perfume and you are in the presence of this beloved man, do not be surprised if You see him looking at you very insistently.

Although this potion is ideal to attract and fall in love with a man madly, you can also make a potion to make a woman fall in love, however you must substitute one of the materials which is rose oil for the essence of amber and you will see how you can make a woman fall in love. that woman you want so much.

Potion to fall in love with mint

The mint potion is indicated for you to give to that person you like so much and want to fall in love with, but unfortunately they are only friends, it is essential to follow all the instructions that are indicated so that the potion has the indicated result, pay pay close attention to what we will tell you.


  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 9 fresh mint leaves
  • Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1 passion fruit
  • Soda water
  • 3 orange slices

Step by Step

To begin the process of preparing this peculiar potion, the first thing you should do is take the mint leaves, the cinnamon and the fruit, and proceed to blend them with a little water. When the juice of these ingredients is ready, you are going to take a cloth and filter it so that no seeds or lumps of the fruit get through.

After you have the perfectly filtered juice, you are going to take a jug and place it there with the sparkling water, the orange slices and the three teaspoons of honey and proceed to stir very well, you must keep in mind that you must always keep that person in mind. person you like and think positive.

You are going to place both hands over the mouth of the jara and you are going to imagine how a bright red light will come out of your heart, which will pass over the potion and in this way will also give it that bright light, and once the potion this brilliant you are going to repeat this spell with great security and firmness:

Through this love potion I ask for a harmonic and lasting union with (Name of the person you like) drinking this potion melts our hearts and unites in true love. So be it.

To finish with the potion you just have to give it to the person you like, if you don’t find the opportunity to give him a little to drink, you can spread a little on your lips and steal a kiss or also put a little on a cloth and with very quickly place a little on the corner of their lips the important thing is that the person ingests the potion and you will see how effective and powerful it is.

 Love potion to get back with him/her

The potion that is going to be described below is very powerful and will help you recover that man or that woman that you lost, follow all the instructions exactly as they are indicated and you will see to reverse that difficult situation and very soon you will return with the love of his life and this time it will be forever.


  • three basil leaves
  • A red apple
  • three strawberries
  • a cauldron (pot)
  • three red candles
  • phosphorus to hardener

Step by Step

Before starting to explain the step by step to make the potion, it is important to mention that this potion must be made on a Friday without exception and that its making process must start at 9 at night respectively, since this way it is that the potion usually has its desired effect.

The first step to make for the preparation of this potion is to place half a liter of water in the pot over low heat, then you are going to proceed to place the basil leaves, the strawberries and also the apple previously peeled and cut into some pieces.

You are going to let the potion cook over low heat for approximately 9 minutes, after this time you are going to turn off the kitchen and place the mixture in a cool place where it cools down to room temperature.

To continue with the process you are going to place the candles in the shape of a triangle and then you are going to light them, and around the triangle you are going to place the pot, of course once the potion has cooled down and clearly and strongly you are going to repeat the following spell:

Venus goddess of love let (Name of your partner) by drinking this wine made with divine love, come back to me so that her love may be mine forever.

When you finish reciting the spell you are going to let the candles burn out in their entirety, then you are going to filter the love potion and take it to the fridge where you must keep it until you manage to give your ex-partner a drink. , it is important that you take into account that you cannot let anyone other than that person take from the potion, even you, it is for them that you must keep it very well where only you can find it.

Another tea potion


  • 3 candles (red, pink and green)
  • 4 caraway seeds
  • 4 fennel seeds
  • 1 tea bag
  • 5 edible rose petals
  • Match or lighter

Step by Step

You are going to take the candles and you are going to light them in the kitchen where you are going to prepare the tea, you are going to place the two cups of water on a low heat and you are going to incorporate all the ingredients for the tea.

While you are in the process of preparing the tea, you will pass your hands three times over the steam that emanates from the kettle or pot, always keeping in mind what you want to obtain.

Once the tea is ready, you are going to pour yourself a cup and sit in a quiet place, if you have a photo of that person you love so much, much better, and while you drink the tea you are going to repeat the following spell until you finish your cup of tea. tea

“I raise this glass to my lips,

I take it slow with little sips

other  potions

how to do it?

The waters are charged with positive energies that emanate from the moon and which have great healing charges which are very strong, it can be mentioned that these waters have great benefits, among which they include being able to fully and fully balance the entire body. human mind and soul also respectively.

Transparent quartz crystals are stones that absorb lunar energies and, in this form, also expand the healing powers for the body, mind and soul of every human being.

To begin the process of preparing this potion, you must follow the instructions to the letter to obtain a good result, you must wait for the night to be clear, specifically it must be a full moon night.

You are going to take your quartz crystal that must be previously loaded with positive energies, you are going to proceed to place it inside a transparent glass and you are going to fill the glass with a cup of purified water.

You must check in an almanac or on the internet the exact time of sunset, on the day you chose to perform this position.

To continue with the process, you must wait for sunset to arrive and proceed to place the glass with the stone inside and the purified water in a place where it can be completely illuminated, it is important that you cover the glass with a transparent plastic.

At dawn you should remove the crystal glass and drink a little of the water that is now full of energy, you can drink the water a little every morning until it is finished, in this way your whole body, mind and spirit will be completely prepared to all that daily stress to which we are subjected daily.

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