Prayer of thanks to God for a new day

Do not forget to make a prayer of thanks to God, because he has been pleased to give you a new day, which will surely come loaded with blessings for you

Prayer of thanks to God for a new day

Every morning we have the motivation to make a plea of ​​gratitude to God for another day of life in his glory, in addition, the reality is that the main fact that he has allowed us to wake up is enough to express gratitude to him, because many are the people who died in the world while they slept and don’t get a chance to see another day. (Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are ? Discover them here)

With each sunrise, God offers us the opportunity to start our day anew, abandon the things that are bad and try to recover the good for a better future.

The holy scriptures state that God says that his benevolence is constantly new, every morning, when we wake up and open our eyes, we should say thanks to God, since he allowed it, and also allowed us a peaceful rest.

However, this also means that we have one more day of life, to impart to humanity the values ​​that God teaches us in his word and have the opportunity to correct our mistakes.

You have not heard the phrase that you do not stress, tomorrow will be another day, that is the expectation that God offers us, to have the option to take full advantage of his affection and benevolence, which will be restored every morning. (Know the miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit , for his needs)

We have numerous motivations to appreciate God and the first and most significant of them is because of his death on the cross for our bad deeds, Jesus paid with his precious blood, a high cost, for which each one of us had the opportunity to change completely through him.

What happens is that on multiple occasions, with the concern of life, we overlook what is important and thanks to whom we can be delivered from evil, or even more, we overlook that he did it intentionally, even without knowing us. , really appreciated us.

Although some people do not perceive, in light of their pride, the presence of God, we owe everything to him, our mornings and sunsets, at the end of the day, our home, family, business, in addition to our employment, quality and daily faith, we owe it to him and his grace.

As he is our shepherd and as the sheep, he maintains us and protects us from all instability and threats of this world if we entrust ourselves to him every morning, he gives us our food sustenance every day and supplies us in an incredible way when we need it.

He made us the guarantee to be with us until the end, and he keeps it, moreover, whatever we ask of him according to his will, he will give it to us positively, so how can we not be infinitely grateful to him? (see also: The Fruits of the Holy Spirit , learn all about them here)

In the event that these are insufficient motivations to be eternally grateful, I have no idea what else it will be, despite the fact that there is no pre-established supplication to say thank God in the morning, I leave you this is the model by which you can be guided to make the prayer of thanks to God for a new day.


magnificent father,

that you are in paradise

Consecrated be your name

First of all today my king I want to thank you, Lord.

For the tremendous penance you did for us

By dying on that cross, for our horrible faults

That is the reason why today I remember you, as my Lord, and my only Savior

Very grateful, dear Father, I am, for loving us first

Furthermore, for leaving us the Holy Spirit, as a consolation

Today I am not here to ask you anything, since this is a

Plea of ​​gratitude to you for another day.

For all the great things you’ve done in my life

Thank you very much for the guardians you gave me Lord

Since without them, I have no idea what my life could be

In the same way, thank you very much because I am not missing anything

Also, I have to thank you, even though I have drifted away from you, forgive me for it

I am very grateful, dear Father, for my family

For my husband, and for the babies you gave me

In the same way, thank you very much for the fellowship we have, Lord.

Since it encourages us to strengthen ourselves as a family

Even though we know, Father, that you are the most important treasure

Thank you very much Father for my home

Since your eyes are constantly open day and night on it

What’s more, since you have always been a light guiding my feet and the light of your path.

Also, allow me today, your affection and kindness, which are new every morning

Thank you so much for hearing my pleas, sir, and for filling my life with worship.

In the name of Jesus, amen!.

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