Praying Voy, know the prayer to talk to God

All human beings who believe in God, at certain times of the day, need to have direct communication with the Creator, and what better way to do it than through audio prayers. In this article you will be able to know everything related to the daily prayer of praying I go, for Jesuit children, do not stop reading it, it will be very useful.

Praying I go, the prayer within reach of your ears

For the church and all those people and organizations that have the multiplication of the gospel as their goal, they saw the potential there was to spread the message using new technologies. For this reason Praying I am born, which is a project of digital origin and is being promoted by the priests of the Catholic religious order of the Jesuits.

What this initiative seeks is to offer a daily prayer, music to set the mood at a time of encounter with God and spiritual comments, which users can find online, in Mp3 audio format.


This project is of recent date, since its creation occurs in 2011 in the city of Valladolid, Spain. Praying I go is inspired from the original idea of ​​the Jesuit order, English chapter of the year 2006. It was thought so that the daily gospel could reach the entire Spanish-speaking community, an objective that is projected to be achieved, because already in In 2015, there was a record of 100,000 daily downloads by its users.

Currently, it makes available to the faithful two types of programs, one that it offers daily from Monday to Friday and another very different and varied one for Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, the web initiative has other types of special programming available, such as the Praying I Go Children section , which is designed to bring the word of God to all children in a fairly simple and enjoyable way for all the little ones. of the house

To enjoy the prayers and comments that are made daily in Praying I Go, you can do it through your personal computer or download the application on mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system.

Talk to God, what do you need?

As a result of the initiative of the Spanish Jesuits to launch and promote the Praying I Go website, Jesuits from other countries have had the same initiative. Such is the case of the orders in Portugal and Poland, which have been carrying out this invaluable work and with very good results.

Part of the excellent receptivity that Rezando Voy has had is due to the need to believe that people have a moment with God in the tranquility of any place, despite the bustling life that currently characterizes all our cities. That is why connecting with the Creator through this technological tool puts at your disposal an oasis where you can meet again and talk with God.

Is it very difficult to talk to God? Well, actually talking to God is not complicated at all, although it seems that praying imposes a series of highly demanding requirements. To establish this direct communication with God, you only need to be in a quiet and peaceful place, close your eyes and remain silent for a long time, breathe deeply so that your mind and body find the serenity that the spirit needs to connect with God. universe.

It is important that at that moment that you establish as propitious to pray, allow yourself to disconnect for a certain time from the frenzy of your environment, forget debts, family problems, work that overwhelms you, give yourself your time.

Each person has their way and rhythm of finding that balance to establish that communication with the Almighty, you will find that point if you have not yet established it or very clearly. As often as you practice it, to that same extent you will find the right center of balance.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to bring prayer to people, in a more joyful, enjoyable and easy way. It is an ideal proposal for those people who have a disability or illness that makes it difficult for them to attend churches.

Praying I go, project structure

Like any initiative that aims to reach a large number of people, it has to be designed in such a way that it can meet that objective. For this reason, it was structured to be simple, pleasant and friendly in its use for those people who do not have the skills to handle the new technological tools.

minutes of prayer

Jesuit specialists structured the program in such a way as to provide users with approximately twelve minutes of prayer. The daily schedule includes narrations of the texts that are related in the sacred scriptures, music for relaxation, chants typical of the liturgy, moments of silence are established and the program concludes with some questions to encourage reflection.

With this programmatic cut, we seek to achieve that the gospel inspires your life daily. As the programs are posted on the web, you can review them whenever you like or if you missed the program of a certain day, you can listen to it when you feel like it. This allows encouraging spaces and moments of prayer and the multiplication of the word of God.

Putting together the daily schedule

First, those responsible are called to establish the routine for creating the files, then this structure is passed on to the people who will transcribe the sentences. The texts of the bible that will be transmitted daily are chosen, then they go to the recording team to work their magic and incite the listener to pray.

Throughout this production process of Rezando voy, prayers and words of reflection, the silence and peace of the environment play a very important role.

The importance of music

Music is a very valuable tool for Praying I Go since it serves as an input for biblical readings, induces relaxation, hooks the user to stay on the web. If a certain music is associated with a passage from the Bible, we will be giving that response of getting the gospel across in an entertaining way.

It is not a platform just for young people, the attention is very varied, all ages need to return to God’s path and rediscover ourselves with Him, through different means, and this is an innovative way of evangelization.

Praying I go. Prayers and reflections to listen

Today the words of Jesus remain valid, in which he stated that we should go around the world transmitting the teachings of the gospel. It is imperative that we are clear and aware that the world to which Jesus was referring is not only located in a geographical or spatial space; It goes further, the commitment and the desire to make the message that they left us in the holy scriptures reach more people.

And what an ideal it is that the gospel reaches more believers through the use of new technologies and populations, where the internet has arrived since it is a form of mass understanding of information. Many young people dominate digital technologies and can be vehicles to get the message to the older and less favored, the successor generations can act as multipliers of the gospel through the networks.

Praying I go is an effective tool for all ideologies, it is plural as is the Church, it comes to serve us as didactic support in the pastoral care of all ages, promotion for the development of interiority, pedagogical resource for catechesis, development of reading because poems, psalms, songs are transmitted.

As at the end of each program there is a space for reflection, questions and generating activities are also included that allow the preparation of drawings, forums, preparation of digital magazines, blogs, among other religious activities.

Praying I go Who does it reach?

The intention of the website is to reach as many people as possible, to make prayer an activity that falls within the daily life of each person. And to bring the gospel to those people far from the truth of God, especially to bring young people closer to the world of the understanding of God, which brings moments of spiritual enjoyment.

Today in the face of so much devastation on the planet, incurable diseases, pandemics, violence, death, there are still many people who are willing to live and have experiences that include cooperation activities, volunteering for social activities, celebrations of a religious nature. However, many of these people are distant from each other.

They are eager to receive the message, willing to pray, to maintain contact with God, but with the hectic of life they have been losing that communicating vessel with the spiritual. On the contrary, we find people who stay away from everything that has to do with “praying”, they are afraid of silence. They have a false belief that this whole topic is too old or too complex. But, nevertheless, they are willing for their hearts to beat again and to feel the presence of Jesus.

Reconnecting with God through other ways is always good. It is important to innovate to revive the interest of the parishioners, of the believers. That the message comes to our hearts and understanding, under another language, another form of evangelization. And what better way to get there today, in the face of globalization and technological advances. Praying I go is without a doubt the evangelist of the digital future.

The network, a territory to conquer

Praying I go is a living example of the potential that exists with the use of new technologies, and the Internet is the best vehicle to use as an evangelizing instrument. Although it is known that the language of the Internet is totally different from the one we can use in a mass, since it is more visual, much faster, it is concentrated, it is necessary that at the moment of producing some material we compress all the information.

Being punctual, precise and concise is the key to the success of Rezando voy, as a tool for multiplying the gospel.

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