What is the value of forgiveness? And its importance

The value of forgiveness , in this article we will study in a deeper way what is forgiveness? what is its importance? And after that, a new consciousness will probably be generated in you, or rather, a new way of perceiving the bitter moments.

The value of forgiveness

The value of forgiveness : Before entering the subject, it is important that we know what is the value of forgiveness ? Forgiveness is considered a value of the human condition. On the one hand, it allows the person who committed the offense against us to ask for forgiveness, and the offended party also has the possibility of freeing himself from all anger, resentment or any other feeling of low vibration.

This does not mean that the one who has committed the fault should not find a way to compensate for his mistake, on the contrary, he must assume his responsibility and act intelligently and be humble so that he can be forgiven.

The value of forgiveness : Probably on many occasions we have heard about forgiveness, how important it is for us and the benefits it brings to our lives, however, there are questions that no one usually asks us, such as:

What areas of our life have we not healed yet?

What prevents us from doing it? Do we know how to apologize?

Do we really forgive or do we just say it to look good with the other but do we hold a grudge in our hearts?

The value of forgiveness is found in knowing how to forgive and doing it from the heart is normally overrated, although learning to ask for forgiveness is also important because in some way it is accepting our responsibility, recognizing our mistakes and the damage we have caused that other person.

Experts in the area of ​​psychology affirm that both forgiving and asking for forgiveness are extremely positive actions, with wonderful therapeutic effects; asking for forgiveness is “apologizing” with the other from the heart.

In most religions (if not all) they include sacrifice, repentance or the value of forgiveness as part of their doctrine as a way to communicate a message, to lead us and guide us towards a path, that path is God.

In many scriptures considered sacred, the value of forgiveness is highlighted as a tool that allows us to heal and that with various rituals, therapists and professionals we can heal our wounds.

In the spiritual world, to completely forgive is to see the other innocent and free him from all guilt. Perhaps, on more than one occasion you have asked yourself why should I forgive the other? If he has hurt me so much and has hurt me.

Forgiveness is not something that we give to the other person, nor is it an act of mercy towards others, the value of forgiveness for children is manifested when we understand that it is an act of love that we have with ourselves by freeing ourselves from that burden that only fills our hearts with rage, bitterness and resentment.

It is not something you give to the other, forgiveness is for ourselves. The act of mercy is with you, with your body, with your health and with your mind, a promise of forgetting, however, unfortunately, we have been taught that forgiveness is an act (almost obligatory) in which we have to forgive the other .

While it is true that forgiveness is important, we must emphasize that no one can force us to do so. Give yourself permission to feel anything, but then let it go and move on.

Probably, at some point in your life you have asked yourself, what do I need to be happy? Accept ourselves and appreciate ourselves from love, recognize ourselves as a wonderful being, understanding that just as we are, we are perfect because we are made in the image and likeness of God.

When we begin to truly love ourselves and with all our hearts, when we accept ourselves in a loving way, we will stop attracting people into our lives who only cause us pain and make us feel small and weak.

To recognize the value of forgiveness, it is important to first recognize our inner madness, that is, our beliefs, demands, limits, fears, in this way and only in this way, will we begin to attract positive people, who vibrate in our same frequency, who contribute to us and add up.

Sometimes, we attract a jealous, possessive, controlling partner into our lives… and we don’t understand why we have attracted them if we “are not like that”. If we analyze honestly, we will realize that our way of externalizing these patterns is simply different.

Each person we attract into our lives enters it with an intention, to teach us something and to reflect back to us what we refuse to accept.

The forgiveness of boys and girls

When someone hurts us, our first (and natural) reaction is to react with rage against that individual, it is logical, this act is similar to the bite of a snake and the immediate effect of its poison.

Therefore, every time we experience an episode of anger, injustice, revenge, or any other similar to this, we hurt ourselves, because we are experiencing this feeling again and that is where we must remember the value of forgiveness .

forgiveness for christians

Jesus, always wise, invites us through scripture to be merciful and forgive from the heart all those who offend us, as well as him, they have offended him.

On more than one occasion the Pharisees made fun of Jesus and his teachings, however, instead of being offended, Jesus accepted their invitations, listened carefully and understood that they offended him because of their ignorance.

 What is not forgiveness?

  • Forgiveness does not imply that there has to be a reconciliation.
  • Forgiving is not the same as forgetting.
  • Express that we have forgiven but continue to see that person as guilty.
  • It is not lifting a punishment, but that the other finds a way to compensate us for his fault.
  • Forgiveness is not an act of weakness at all.

Negative attitudes that go against forgiveness

  • When we feel a desire for revenge, resentment or hatred towards others.
  • We feel offended because we weren’t invited to an event or weren’t included in an award, and that creates negative feelings in us.
  • How much we misinterpret attitudes or gestures of others.

Ask our Father God for forgiveness

God invites us to forgive our brothers despite the offenses they may commit against us and to remember the value of forgiveness every time they offend us.

Also, he tells us that asking for forgiveness daily for our offenses should become a habit of our daily lives.

Jesus is always willing to forgive us, but this is not a fact that occurs by itself, we must recognize our faults before God, feel genuinely sorry, and then implore God’s forgiveness, this is how God offers us the value of forgiveness .

Every time we feel abandoned or offended in any way by friends or relatives, we must remember Jesus, who even, on the day of his death, forgave the soldiers and asked his father to forgive them and be merciful to them.

Jesus, showed us in a thousand way the value of forgiveness , and made this request to his Father that those men who hurt him, that people who humiliated him, shouted and longed for his death, acted in that way as a result of their ignorance and not having to God in their hearts.

Being away from God’s way hardens our hearts, makes us cruel and indolent and does not allow us to recognize the value of forgiveness .

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