What does it mean to dream of the person you like?

You want to know what it means to dream of the person you like, since this strange and peculiar dream generates great curiosity in you, since you are dreaming of nothing more and nothing less than the person you like so much, you are in the right article here you will find out.

What does it mean to dream of the person you like?

If you dreamed of someone you like, it means that this person who appears in your dreams seems to be in need of attention today. And also that the type of attention which this person needs will not be found in anyone else, that is, in their relatives, friends or people closest to him or her. That is why this dream can be called a sign that the person you like lacks affection and that only you can fill that void of attention, love and affection that they have.

Dreaming of the person we like can be something quite normal and it could be said that it is even common for the vast majority, and if this dream can often sound quite constant until the moment that you stop thinking for yourself (or ) manage to get that man or woman you like out of your mind and your thoughts. Something that we must always keep in mind is that these types of dreams are totally natural, which is why if it is already annoying how repetitive it can be, the subconscious should not be questioned since it is not he who is trying to send us a signal.

If the person you currently like, whether it is a man or a woman, belongs to your social circle, that is, to your circle of friends, you know him/her because their families are very close or even they are family but distant, the dream means that it is time for you to take the courage to approach and be able to discover if your feelings are reciprocated or not.

On the other hand, if this person you dreamed of whom you like does not belong to your social circle, their families are not close, much less do they have any relationship, you simply know that person by another means, this dream reflects that you are a person who is lack of affection and attention from a partner and you are demonstrating this through this dream where you can visualize the person you like and that you want to have by your side.

It should be noted that the interpretation and meaning of this dream will depend on its characteristics and the context in which it develops and what happens throughout the dream. In this way it can also be mentioned that it may be the case that the ex-partner dreams of a situation that cannot be the strangest, but it is worth noting that it also has an interpretation and a meaning to which we must pay attention. . Next we are going to know the dream in different scenarios and contexts.

Dream that the person you like hugs you

If you dream that the person you like hugs you, you should be very aware since this dream is giving you a demonstration of affection through a hug, it is not positive at all, on the contrary, this dream is a very bad omen. So you can not believe it that you dream that the person you like is giving you a hug is something negative that is how it is and it means that negative things come to your life and that they are soon to happen so do not get carried away by the hug and the smile of the dream that is not at all a positive thing for you.

This dream is a clear alert for you to be aware of what is about to happen in your life and not to be caught by surprise by the difficulties that are to come. On the other hand, if in the dream while the person you like you see smiles at you, that means that as much as you like that person and fight to be by his side, he is not for you. And that this dream is also the announcement that strong discussions are coming and also infidelities of that person, the discussions are going to be the product of that person making a mistake and I do not want to assume it.

And to finish with the interpretations and meanings of this dream, it can be mentioned that if when you dream that the person you like during the hug you see her crying, everything changes here and the dream is not negative at all and less of a bad omen. and on the contrary, the dream means that this person is the one for you and that whenever you need them, they will be there for you whatever it takes to always give you a friendly hand and give you all their attention and unconditional affection.

Dream that you kiss the person you like

A kiss turns out to be the expression of affection best known to all, of course it will depend on its intensity, but it will always be a sign of deep love and respect for the human being, primarily the fundamental objective of a kiss is to contribute to the courtship, society sees as if this is their main task in this situation of love affair. However, if you dream that you are kissing that person you like, it means that you gave a lot of importance to this event, that is, that the kiss already happened and that you liked it more than you expected.

On the other hand, dreaming that we are kissing a person who seems pleasant to us and does not give us a certain curiosity, means that we like this person but we do not want to accept it and we excuse ourselves by saying that it is just curiosity that the person in question does not give us. we dream, however that we dream that we give a kiss to a person for whom we feel absolutely nothing means that it is only a sign of affection and that’s it, since a kiss is the way to express and show affection, affection and passion towards a person.

If the dream where we see that you kiss the person you like is repetitive, this means that you want with all your might to have a relationship with that person and as soon as possible you just want that man or woman to correspond to your feelings. Of course, it is important to mention that the interpretation and meaning of the dream will vary depending on the form and intensity with which you kiss the person you like in your dreams.

If the kiss you dream of is about a very passionate kiss that you are having with that person, it means that your relationship will go much further than a simple friendship relationship, on the other hand, if the kiss that you are giving is still in the dream It is not to your liking at all, it means that if they manage to start a relationship, they are going to present many difficulties throughout it, even if the attraction you feel for that person is enormous, they are not going to save you from the conflicts that they are going to experience, It should be noted that this does not mean that their relationship is going to end or that they are not going to be able to consolidate it, what the dream indicates is that they are going to go through difficulties.

Dreaming that the person you like rejects you

It is normal for any person to be afraid to show what they feel for someone else for fear that it may happen and that we will not be fully reciprocated, that is why if you dream that the person you like rejects you, you should not lose your calm or you have to worry since this dream is not a premonition that this awaits you or something like that, do not let yourself be consumed by fear.

This dream itself means that this person who appears in your dreams is really important to you and that for no reason are you willing to lose that person you like so much if she does not feel the same way about you at the time you confess your feelings. . What you must keep in mind and it is something that the dream wants to convey to you is that you must think very carefully about the moment in which you are going to express what you feel, but the most important thing is that you must let everything flow by itself, do not seek to force anything. and you will see how a beautiful relationship will flourish between the two, of course you should not shy away from anything for fear of rejection, you have to do what your heart indicates.

Dream that you talk to the person you like

The interpretation of this dream will depend on the context and every detail that occurs in the dream, however, in general, the fact that you dream of the person you like and that you can see that you are talking to that person means that there is something that you The subconscious wants to express you in some way related to that person, so you should pay attention to future dreams. On the other hand, this dream also symbolizes that there is something in your thoughts that does not give you peace of mind and it is most likely that you have not been able to communicate with that person you like and that worries you for some reason.

Also dreaming that you talk to that person you like means that you do not have enough courage to talk to that person that only in dreams you are able to talk, to walk by his side, to hold his hand, to share many moments and even You are even able to kiss that person, but you are not really able to talk to him. And this is because you are afraid that if you talk to that person they will not reciprocate your feelings and that they will distance you from their side, but your subconscious through this dream is sending you a signal that you should not fear rejection that everything will be fine and that it is time to talk to him.

To dream that the person you like declares

The first thing you should know is that this dream is not premonitory, so if you dreamed that the person you like declared himself just the way you want him, and it turns out that in the morning you wake up with great enthusiasm and hope for all the beauty you experienced in the dream and you spend the day sighing and longing for that dream to become a reality and just as you lived it in your dream you want that person to come to you in the most romantic way and declare himself, but you must keep in mind that not only because you dreamed this is going to happen.

The fact that you dream that that person you like is proposing to you for nothing in the world means that when you wake up you will find that person who is knocking on your door with a huge bouquet of roses and declaiming everything he feels for you and who hopes to live by your side, not as already mentioned in the lines above, this dream is not premonitory, that is, not because you did not dream it, you are going to live it.

Truly what this dream means is that your subconscious wants to convey to you that you should take advantage of the magic and love that surrounds you to be absolutely happy in any aspect of your life, it is also a sign to understand that you should always smile at your loved ones and That way that person you like declares to you or not, you must learn to love and be happy with or without that person, the right person for you will come if it is not her.

Dream that you make love with the person you like

If you dream that you make love with the person you like, it means that your subconscious is overcoming those mental obstacles that in one way or another prevent you from being able to have an encounter of this type with that person you want so much, this dream is a clear sign of what your subconscious wants to transmit to you, so take the risk of doing what you want and desire, do not be shy about anything.

Another meaning that you can attribute to dreaming that you make love with that person you like is that your subconscious is telling you that it is time for you to risk confessing your feelings to that person you like and to express everything to them. what makes you feel. The dream is a clear sign that you already have enough security and confidence to be able to express the feelings that you have kept for so long towards that special person for you, it is time for you to take that long-awaited step so that you can materialize that relationship that you You long for the love of your life.

Dream that you like your boss

Dreaming that you like your boss has a very simple interpretation and it is that you feel true attraction to this person and you can no longer hide it, it is important to mention that a relationship between an employee (or) can be specified and They are possible, however, they do something risky because of what they can throw at you at work because you are only with that person out of interest or convenience. That is why this dream also acts as a form of signal to indicate that you must be very alert to the situation and take great care in the relationship since love relationships at work are not usually well seen, but nevertheless this person may be the right one. for you so don’t let her go.

On the other hand, this dream means that you are a very submissive person and you feel attracted to the figure of authority that this person represents for you, that is why this dream tells you that it is time for you to start analyzing the situation since it It can be seen more in men than in women since men generally have much more masculine energy and therefore tend to have dominant power in many aspects.

Dream that the person you like is a policeman

Dreaming that the person you like is a policeman is a purely sexual dream since it means that in your life you want to risk experiencing new things in the sexual field, since you feel that your sexual life is totally monotonous and even boring. . That is why you feel that it is time that a change in your sexual life would not be bad for you or for the person you are with, on the other hand, having this dream means that you have the repressed sexual fantasy of seeing the someone else wearing a police uniform and treating you with a lot of rudeness and authority.

Having this dream is a message that your subconscious sends you that it is time for you to decide to try new things and try to get out of the monotony in bed, do not keep repressing yourself from experiencing new things, since your mind and your body They are demanding you to live good experiences and this is reflected through this very peculiar dream that you had.

Dream that you are pregnant by the person you like

When it is our dreams, a pregnancy is reflected, it is a symbol that in your life only successes and positive things come in any aspect, be it professional or work. However, you must keep in mind that this dream has nothing to do with your desire to become a mother/father, but dreaming that the person you like is pregnant totally changes this interpretation and even more so if this baby is yours.

Since this is a good omen, this dream symbolizes the arrival of new projects in your life which assure you a very good future, be sure that all those plans and those objectives that you have in mind will be fulfilled with great success and seeing That the woman you like is expecting your child also means that all those successes you have are going to share with her.

Dream that the person you like is a friend or friend

If the person you like appears in your dreams and it turns out that this person is a friend or friend, this dream means that you have a strong hidden desire for this person, however, you know that what you feel for that person is not right. that they have a friendship. The dream is a sign that you do not have to worry because it is not bad to have that feeling towards that person, take the risk of talking about what you feel that you are probably reciprocated and you do not know it yet, so have the courage to speak.

Dream that the person you like is a teacher

If you dream of the person you like and it turns out that person is a teacher, you must be clear that this dream is also merely sexual and that this dream means that you have a hidden fantasy for that person that you cannot deny and which you want to fulfill whatever it costs and that it is not in your mind to stay with the desire to live moments with that person. However, you are forgetting the details of the consequences that wanting to continue with this fantasy can bring, since what you have in mind is not possible.

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