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There are celestial beings since the creation of the world that have accompanied several of the decisions made by God himself. They have a specific mission according to their category in the celestial plane; We speak of the Guardian Angels. We invite you to learn more about it.

Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels are considered celestial and spiritual beings, they were created by God the Father through the divine will. They have the characteristic of being immortal and are endowed with will and intelligence.

Some have specific missions to help people on earth, these missions were also granted by God himself. Later we will determine each of them.

There are also festivities of both the Angels and the Archangels as well as the Guardian Angels. Here we are going to reveal more deeply who they are, what they want to teach us and how we should have a closer relationship with each of them.

In accordance with their nature, Guardian Angels are not so easily seen or picked up by the human senses. Only in some special cases and due to God’s decision have some been observed and listened to.

Some people who have seen them have had reactions of amazement but at the same time of respect and a sense of peace. Examples of this are the prophets Sacariah and Daniel. Guardian Angels are generally sent to earth by God for the purpose of a specific mission.


The Guardian Angels are generally represented in human form or as winged figures, this also happened during the fourth century in religious art, which represented them in that way.

However, it was in the 5th century that wings were added as an emblem of their haste in achieving the will of God, as well as moving from one place to another without the slightest difficulty.

In the Holy Scriptures we see some details of how the Guardian Angels are represented as celestial beings with a luminous aspect, with a human aspect and with wings. An example of this is described by the prophet Daniel, determining that one of them came as a man towards him flying quickly.

Likewise, in the Apocalypse, the visualizations of the Angels blowing trumpets, crying out, carrying messages and carrying incense, cups, others fly up and down, others are characterized by standing at the four points of the earth or next to the figure of God the Father.


Among some of the missions that the Guardian Angels have are to serve, love, give glory and praise to God, be bearers of messages directly from God. They also have the mission of helping and caring for men on earth.

The Guardian Angels are constantly in the presence of God, they are ready for every order or determination that God the Father gives them, they keep praying, praising, adoring, singing and praising God at all times, and highlighting their perfections.

They also have the power to be protectors, custodians, mediators, as well as have the characteristic of administering the divine justice of God the Father. The appearance of the Guardian Angels is from the beginning of the Old Testament in the Holy Bible.

His presence throughout the life and instructions of our Lord Jesus Christ is also highlighted. We can see all this in the letters of Saint Paul, in the Apocalypse and in the Acts of the Apostles.

Another mission of the Guardian Angels is that they protect us, defend us physically and give us strength to fight against evil and its negative forces. They are in charge of fighting with all the power that God grants them for all humanity.

An example of this is the miraculous release of Peter, who was released from prison by an Angel of God; Likewise, an Angel of God stopped Abraham at the moment that he was going to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Likewise, the Guardian Angels are in charge of giving us messages from God at different moments or circumstances of our lives, such as difficult situations, moments of trials, certain problems; and they try that by means of these messages that God transmits to us, we can achieve their solution.

In the same way, in difficult situations, people can request help from the Guardian Angels and that they give them light to make decisions about the problem they are experiencing. Such is the case of the appearances of the Angels to Mary, Saint Joseph and Zechariah in order to transmit certain messages from God.

Another mission of the Guardian Angels has been the fulfillment of sentences or punishments from God. As an example of this we see the punishment of Herod and the death of the firstborn in ancient times, as determined by the Bible itself.

The Guardian Angels also ensure that our requests or prayers reach God, and through them we are led to Him.

The Guardian Angels are our companions at all times of our lives and they do it in a kind way; They will also be our companions on the way to meet the Throne of God, since they are the ones in charge of guiding us and taking us to Him.

The guide by the Guardian Angels to the Throne of God, will be the last service or favor that they will provide us since when we die we will not feel afraid of being alone, for this reason this is the most important final moment of our soul with the Angels.

An example of this to the Archangel Raphael is when he comments to Tobias: “When you were in prayer, I exhibited your prayers to God.”

Another faculty of the Guardian Angels is that they invite us to be enthusiastic about doing good. All the time the Guardian Angels see the image of God, and they also see our face.

At all times you have to keep an eye on the situations of life. An example of the above is seen in the following text: “The Angels rejoice when a sinner repents.”

angelic hierarchy

This hierarchical division of the Guardian Angels can be determined as follows: nine choirs or angelic orders. Such hierarchy is granted according to the different names that are determined in the Holy Scriptures or the Bible, to refer to them.

The superior Angels cause that there is integration in the choirs, on the part of the most inferior Angels to the knowledge of those of higher hierarchy. The choirs of the Angels are constituted according to the hierarchical level and together they make up the celestial court.

Next, we will develop each of the hierarchies of the Guardian Angels according to their position and category, namely:

  1. Supreme Hierarchy

In this are identified the

  • cherubim
  • Seraphim
  • thrones
  1. Middle Hierarchy:

To this category belong the so-called

  • dominations
  • Virtues
  • Powers

III. Lower Hierarchy:

is determined by

  • principalities
  • archangels
  • angels

Seraphim: in this group are the Angels who praise God. The term “seraph” means “fiery love.” This group of Angels remain in constant praise of God and announce his holiness.

Cherubim: they are “guardians” or those in charge of taking care of God’s affairs. They are characterized by being responsible for guarding the Ark of the Covenant as well as the path that leads to the tree of life. God communicates his revelations through two cherubim.

In the books of Genesis, Exodus, the cherubim are spoken of, as well as in Ezekiel’s vision and the letter to the Hebrews.

Powers, Virtues, Thrones, Principalities and Dominations: these names are found in the word of God embodied in the Holy Bible when it comes to the angelic world. The names of the Angels are interpreted by Saint Dionysius according to the degree of perfection of each one.

Likewise, in the opinion of Saint Gregory, the names are referred to according to their ministry:

Principalities have the power to deliver the gifts of spiritual goods.

Virtues: they are in charge of performing miracles.

Powers: they are in charge of fighting against evil or adverse forces.

Dominations: participate in the government of companies.

Thrones: they are aware of the reasons for acting divinely.

Angels: their mission is the attention in every situation that people have trying to lead them to their eternal salvation, they are in charge of guiding us, protecting us from any danger of both body and soul.

Archangels: this hierarchy is very high, since they are considered the direct “assistants” of God, for the fulfillment of the special missions that God gives them.

Main Archangels mentioned in the Bible

Archangel Saint Michael: he is known by all as the Archangel who took the Devil out of heaven and his followers; he is the one who maintains the constant fight with Satan and other demons who try to destroy souls all the time.

The Archangel Michael is in charge of destroying the power of Satan; and likewise he is in charge of helping the Church in obtaining the definitive victory.

His name “Miguel” means “who is like God”. His attitude and sincerity should lead us to the constant recognition of the authority of Jesus, as well as the constant search for his glory.

Archangel Saint Gabriel: the name of this Archangel means «God is strong» in the Hebrew language, or «strength of God». This Archangel is always seen in the messages that God wants to convey to the world, he is also a messenger of good news.

In the Bible we see him from the beginning of time as the messenger of both the incarnation of the Virgin Mary and the annunciation to Zacharias of the birth of John the Baptist. In the two announcements good news was given in both cases.

Archangel Saint Raphael: the name of this Archangel translates as “medicine of God”. He was like guide in the way that Tobias had to follow. He obeyed the Archangel at all times without suspecting that he was sent by God himself.

The Archangel Raphael was in charge of presenting supplications or petitions before God and also left as a message to praise and bless God as well as to do good at all times and never abandon prayer.

He is also considered the patron saint of people who travel due to his responsibility in guiding Tobias on his travels by sea and land. He is also considered the patron saint of doctors due to the healings done on Sara and Tobias. He likewise is a healer of body and soul.

Guardian angel

God assigns all people Guardian Angels to serve as protection and ease in the transit of the salvation of each soul in the earthly world. In relation to this theme Saint Jerome maintains:

“Enormous is the dignity of souls from the moment of their birth since they all have an Angel destined to take care of them.”

Since the creation of the world as it is established within the Old Testament, God uses his Angels for the protection of men and the temptations or attitudes of the devil, through this angelic help they are freed from danger.

In the same way, various situations are observed in the New Testament where the actions of the Guardian Angels are seen.

Another example of the performance of the Guardian Angels is the moment in which they warn Joseph to flee to Egypt, as well as the freedom of Peter in prison, as we have already said, as well as those who helped Jesus after passing the temptations in the desert.

Some people think of the Guardian Angel as something of a child or infant, this should not be the case since the Guardian Angel is with the person from birth and as they grow and face difficult situations their mission is to help you, accompany you in every step of your life.

The Guardian Angel can be considered a traveling companion since he is with every man in every situation that he lives throughout his life. It is a constant company, it does not separate for a single moment.

In each situation he is present when the person sleeps, has fun, prays, when he is praying, at the moment that the person asks for his intercession even when a plea for help is not addressed. He is also not turned away by sin or loss of God’s grace.

Likewise, it will give you all its help or assistance in order to face with more effort the difficult processes of daily life, as well as the temptations.

Effective communication with the Guardian Angels

It must be taken into account as the relationship that we can have with any best friend we have, we must talk to him, talk to him, call him, ask him for advice in different processes of our life.

In the above way he will become a great and powerful ally of each of the people. It is good that we have full confidence in our Guardian Angel, and faithfully believe in his help, his protection; Apart guide us.

Because our Guardian Angel is close to God, he can tell him directly what ails us, our fears, anxieties, thoughts and desires. The Angels do not have the power to know what we think or our innermost needs, unless we tell them.

Since only God knows the heart of each of his children. The Angels only know what we want because of our words, gestures or our actions. There is the possibility of requesting help or intercession from the Guardian Angels in favor of other people, so that they give you the help or due assistance.

The adoration of the Guardian Angels had its beginning in the Iberian Peninsula and later spread to other countries.

What do the angels teach us?

Among other things, they teach us to sincerely profess love for God, also to glorify him, make his holiness known, give him homage of love, adoration indefinitely and praise him at all times.

Another thing that the Guardian Angels teach us is the fair and quick fulfillment of the orders that God determines for them, and they fulfill them without any complaint and at the same moment that God entrusts them to them.

They also teach us to be servants with our neighbor. The Guardian Angels care about each one of us and try to offer us their help in the many situations that we experience in our daily lives.

The foregoing should make us reflect and practice generous service towards all people as well as sharing pleasant and sad moments as well as the virtues that God has granted us.

Demons or fallen angels

During the creation of the world God also did it with the Angels, these were pure spirits, they were in grace, and we say “they were” since as we know and what the Bible determines, there were some who rebelled against God imbued by malice and pride.

These rebellious Angels were headed by Luzbel, he was the most beautiful and beautiful of the Angels, however due to his malice and arrogance, he refused to continue worshiping Jesus Christ. All this because he felt that he was a being superior to God and in this way he rejects him eternally, this rejection is free on his part.

Both Luzbel, also known as Lucifer, Devil or Satan; he was cast out from the very moment of his rebellion against God along with the other rebellious angels who joined him; they were turned into demons and cast out of Paradise, sending them to a place of eternal torment where they will never be able to see God again.

However, these angel-demons had no change in their nature since they are spiritual and true beings.

The Devil or Lucifer became God’s enemy, Jesus calls him “the deceiver”, “the father of lies”. Lucifer seeks to do the opposite of the will of God and specializes in separating man from God through lies, deceit, trying in this way to avoid loving him, knowing him and that man knows eternal happiness.

Since ancient times Lucifer has tried to deceive the world with his lies and deceptions, and his purpose is to turn us away from God. He is an enemy that we must fight in order to gain our entrance to Heaven and see God.

Just as the Angels have their hierarchy, the demons are also grouped in hierarchies, just as God created them from the beginning of time, the inferior ones are subordinated by those of a higher degree.

As is known by all and according to the Bible at the creation of the earth, from that moment on Satan and his henchmen did evil actions; such is the example with Adam and Eve; and from this moment such demons do not give up in their work of destruction.

The demons take advantage of man’s attitudes of doing evil due to his nature, after being damaged after the original sin. They have a highly developed cunning which allows them to hide good from evil.

Is it mandatory to believe in angels?

On this subject we can say that in the Bible or Holy Scriptures many verses that deal with Angels are determined, so that if we believe in the Bible and its content as the word of God, we must also keep in mind the existence of these angelic and pure beings. as true.

Apart from the above and the testimony of Revelation, we also have as an example that of the Holy Fathers of the Church, they left very beautiful experiences regarding the existence of the Angels. These experiences were rescued by Saint Thomas in terms of theology and Christian dynamism.

The Church has defined a statement of faith on the existence of angels

In the year 1215, due to the duality that existed during the Middle Ages, it was determined that God is the creator of everything, both the visible and the invisible, of all corporeal and spiritual creatures, creating them from nothing. All this was established in the Lateran Council IV.

In relation to the materialism and rationalism of the time, the existence of Guardian Angels was affirmed in 1870 by Vatican Council I. Similarly, the existence of the Angels is affirmed in 1968 by Paul VI in the “Credo of the People of God”.

In the liturgical reform of the Church of 1969, September 29 was established to remember the archangels San Miguel, San Rafael and San Gabriel and October 2 as the day to remember the Guardian Angels.

Why are two days of the liturgical year dedicated to angels?

Two dates have been determined for the people of God to remember these spiritual and special beings, it was established in 1969 in the liturgical transformation of the Church.

The dates of remembrance are September 29, in which the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael are remembered; and also on October 2 the Guardian Angels are remembered.

Many times we forget about these celestial beings due to our daily life, the hustle and bustle, and many times because people claim not to see them. As a consequence of this forgetfulness, many times we miss the blessings and graces that God has for each one of us through the Guardian Angels.

That is why the Church fixes these dates of reminder of the Angels so that the people of God remember them at least once or twice a year, we keep them in mind, we live happily around them.

Also that we feel happy that God the Father assigns us Guardian Angels since we are born and we must take advantage of them to lend us their help and give us comfort and protection.

take care of your faith

Currently the theme of Guardian Angels has become quite common, many books have been taken from them and there are also many figurines of “angels” in various materials such as silver, gold, quartz; some people wear them as neck earrings, bracelets. Also people speak of them according to their names or hierarchy.

We must be aware of the previous point since some people can see the Angels as superior beings or semi-gods; this is not correct since they are only direct messengers of God and should not be seen as figures to be idolized.

It is totally true that the Guardian Angels are spirits of great importance for the Catholic Church and for the believers themselves, however it must be borne in mind that they are beings created by God and therefore they cannot be claimed to be equal to Him; nor should they be objects of worship.

Given the case that they have the sole power to be the closest to God, we must remember that there are other ways to approach the Father, this through prayer, the sacraments, among others.

Prayer to the Guardian Angels

As we said before, the Guardian Angels have the responsibility to take care of us, help us, protect us; these responsibilities are given to them directly from God the Father.

Due to such tasks on the part of God from them to us is why many prayers have been generated with the sole purpose of asking for their protection, help at certain times of our lives.

Such is the case of the prayer to the Guardian Angels , who taught us as children to each one of us as believers in them, mainly this prayer is addressed to our Guardian Angel, which is a loving request for protection in everything moment of our life.

Which reads like this: “My guardian angel, sweet company, do not forsake me at night or day, do not leave me alone, I would get lost.”

As we see in this prayer, our Guardian Angel is asked for protection at all times and is recognized as a company that is constantly by our side offering us his love, kindness, in a sweet and protective way; such characteristics are typical of the Guardian Angels.


The names of the Guardian Angels that appear in the Bible are those of the Archangels, which are the ones with the most power or rank among all those that exist, however they are the most named in all the Holy Scriptures Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

They have had a special performance since the beginning of time, as is the case of the Archangel Michael, in charge of fighting against the evil represented in Satan; Gabriel who had direct participation in the Incarnation of the Virgin Mary and was in charge of announcing it.

And Rafael, who has had various healing participations in various episodes that are shown in the Bible, was also as a guide for Timothy on the path that he had to travel and was in charge of making him see the correct decision that he had to make.

There are many other names of Angels, which although they do not appear in the Holy Scriptures, we are going to mention them so that the reader has knowledge of them, which are:

Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, Zalaquiel, Malchadael, Hamabiel, Ambriel, Muriel, Verchiel, Hamaliel, Barkiel, Adnachiel, Hanael, Barachiel; among many others.

Novena of the Angels

This novena of the Guardian Angels can be prayed to request from them the necessary help and protection in each difficult journey of our lives. Through this novena we can not only request his help, but also thank him for his presence of love and protection in our lives.

The devotees of this novena usually do it in the following way:

It begins with the sign of the Cross on the forehead; then the Act of Daily Offering is prayed; then the Introductory Prayer for each day is said. Next, the corresponding day is prayed during the nine days that it is going to be carried out.

The first day is offered to Saint Michael the Archangel

Second: Gabriel Archangel

Third: Raphael the Archangel

Fourth: Archangel Uriel

Fifth: Archangel Chamuel

Sixth: Archangel Jophiel

Seventh: Archangel Zadkiel

Eighth: offered to our Guardian Angel

Ninth: offered to the Angelic Choirs. At the end of each day offered, the Concluding Prayer is prayed daily for each day.

The Bible

Before delving into the subject of the New Age on the Angels, we must bear in mind what the Bible establishes about them.

In the Bible there is the mention of “angel” in 24 books, determined as follows: 148 in the Old Testament and 74 in the New Testament, however there are other ways that they are spoken of in the same Bible.

The term “Angel” means angelos in Greek, which means “messenger”. In the Old Testament it is mentioned as “Malak” which must mean “thin” or “ambassador”.

Old Testament

In the Old Testament the term Angel is mentioned more than 300 times; and they are also called: Bene Elohim, which means “sons of God”, “morning star”, “army of the Lord”, “men”, “cherubim”, “princes”.

Unlike in the New Testament they are commonly called “Angels”. The heavenly court of God was always understood as the court of a King on earth, it was so specified in the Old Testament.

For this reason the Angels or also known as “Divine Councils” could be seen by some prophets, as in the case of Jeremiah.

In the Old Testament it is determined that “The Angel of the Lord” or Angel of God” had a very powerful performance, which was often similar to that of God himself. Dealing with this Angel was the same as dealing with God the Father Himself.

Although we already developed this topic in the previous text of this article, the Bible indicates the existence of several categories of angels: among these are: cherubim, in charge of supporting the throne of God and protecting the entrance door of Heaven; Seraphim: they have 6 wings and sing, praise and give glory to God constantly.

It is also determined that the Angels have various responsibilities such as: the announcement of the destruction of God’s enemies; they equally protect the entire human race; participate in the life actions of different people. They have the power to punish and forgive sins.

New Testament

Likewise, here the responsibility of these special and spiritual beings is determined in terms of fulfilling the works of God. They are in charge of carrying messages such as happened with María, Zacarías and José himself through a dream. They are the ones who announce the resurrection and teach the Ascension of Jesus.

The NT shows them praising the Lord, asking God for us, ministering to Jesus and Christians, and celebrating a sinner’s repentance. The angels intervene to rescue the apostles, they guide Philip, he tells Cornelius to look for Peter, they inform Paul that he will arrive at Caesar’s court. Apparently they are not married.

They will accompany Christ in his second coming. They will participate in the apocalyptic events of the end of the world in the final judgment.

The worship or idolatry of Angels is totally prohibited. They are visible to ratify that they exist and demonstrate that they serve God and his will. They also prove to be our friends and allies when we respect and fulfill the will of God the Father.

The Angels are there to help us and help God in favor of our salvation, they remain in the presence of God and are always ready to cooperate with Him. All the time they are ready to adore Him, serve Him, sing, praise Him, they remain vigilant; they are mediators, protectors, custodians and administer divine justice or that of God the Father.

Los Angeles and the lies of the New Age

Nowadays the Angels have become fashionable. They are mentioned in various aspects of daily life, in music, movies, television series. They are also reflected in various artistic works such as that of Vicky Nigri, which for her her favorite is Uriel, although this name does not appear in the Bible.

In some special places they try to create experiences with the Angels and they are shared between one person and another, as well as communication with them. In some stores such as shopping malls and even on the Internet you can buy decorations alluding to the Angels, as well as personal altars.

Also in newsstands, bookstores and magazine stands you can find a variety of articles about the Angels. There are specialized magazines on this subject, this is seen in some countries.

Likewise, information about the Angels can be found through emails, in the same way there are many places and information centers that deal with this subject of the Angels.

It is common in these times the number of testimonies that are seen both on radio and television and even on the internet about personal experiences with Angels such as receiving messages, miracles or making contact with them.

Christ as its creator

In ancient Judaism it was believed and there was much meditation in relation to the subject of angels, as well as excessive concern for them. Such is the point that some people even adored them.

For most Christians, the intermediary between man and God is not the Angels, but rather Christ himself. Rather, the Angels move around Jesus Christ himself ascending and descending.

In the same way, it was the Angels who made the announcement of the birth of Jesus. They are in no way the Savior.

According to the teaching of the Catholic Church itself, we are shown that Angels are invisible beings, who are not easily seen by the human eye, or at least by the senses. They are spirits characterized by their own will, intelligence and are related to the material world.

According to their nature, angels have the characteristic of being superior in relation to other beings created by God, including man himself; they also possess a higher understanding as well as the will.

Angels understand things differently from men. They understand the absolute and total truth about a certain matter, being able to see the principle and consequences, as the aspects at the same time. Even having these faculties, the Angels are not omnipotent like God. His authority and notion are limited.

The Angels are different spirits in relation to the spirits of the dead, since the latter were men of flesh and blood and on the contrary the Angels never were nor have been men.

Many times it can be difficult to imagine some beings without a physical body, which is why they express themselves as figures or statues, since we are incarnated and our imagination only sees the material.

How many angels are there?

In the gospels there is talk of multitudes, however, a specific or exact number is not given. As we said, the existence of Angels is an affirmation of faith, as well as their protection of nations, people and groups.

Although some characters of the Catholic Church have expressed themselves about the “angelic choirs” or hierarchies, they do not differentiate between them.

Likewise, the Church does not establish the order that they entail regarding the hierarchies of the Angels, nor does it establish which hierarchy is higher or what the exact responsibilities are.

La «New Age»

The New Age shows us a very different theme regarding the matter of the Angels, as mentioned in the Catholic Bible. This is clearly determined in the book of the years 1996 called “the Angels, sons of God and brothers of man”.

Esotericism has been a subject totally opposed to the Christian’s belief, it is also totally opposed to the matter of the Angels of God.

We see another case reflected in the book called “angels” by the author Leadbeater, in which the belief in angelic spirits is encouraged, and the subject of reincarnation and astral travel or travel outside the person’s body is also addressed.

Some authors of the so-called “New Age” highlight the Angels in a wrong and anti-Christian way. Here are some examples:

Some maintain that the Guardian Angel that is spoken of in religion is a kind of internal light that man carries internally and which will guide him throughout his life.

Also that people have an internal Angel that by communicating with him would be communicating with the same person, as well as with their desires for spiritual growth and possibilities.

It is also believed that this internal Angel will develop as long as our consciousness undergoes this expansion process.

The New Age could be considered polytheistic in its understanding, since Jarque and Rivas maintain that the Angels not only protect different countries but that some are associated with the months of the year.

For example, some are determined like this: Gabriel is from January, “Barchiel” from February, “Uriel” from September.

They are also associated with the days of the week: Gabriel on Monday, Miguel on Wednesday; They even identify them with the signs of the zodiac: Taurus is “Amodel”, Libra is “Uriel” and Aquarius is “Gabriel”.

It is determined that “Angels attract luck, transmit luck. You don’t know someone who, when surrounded by Angels, has bad luck.”

Anti-Christian Methods of Communication with Angels

The process of communication with these beings of light becomes common in the New Age, their help is requested if we need specific advice in an aspect of our lives.

The doctor of Dutch nationality HC Moolenburgh, maintains that our communication with the Angels can be achieved through self-control and meditation, as well as prayer and sleep. We must keep in mind that when we pray to the Angels through prayer we believe that our request is already fulfilled.

Fake Angelic Crystals

With the New Age, practices not very consistent with religion are often carried out to obtain communication with the Angels, for such purposes crystals and gems are used. For this purpose, what in the New Age has been called “cherubic crystals” are used. Which is nothing more than crystals that are activated through meditation and are later charged with energy from the Angels themselves.

The way to do it is by taking the crystal with both hands, the power and wisdom of the cherubic Angels are requested aloud, causing such energy to pass through the crystals one by one, and thus be charged with their vibrations.

Tin and copper stones are used in the same way for the invocation of the “Magic Angels”, which are: “Dagiel, Abriel, Uriel, Verechiel and Uriel”.

Another way to make contact with the Angels is through clothing through the colors of it. As an example of this, it is determined that Guardian Angels like pink colors, healers are attracted to strong blues, and seraphs are attracted to red.

Similarly, Archangel Michael is attracted to green, gold and pink, while Gabriel is attracted to brown and beige tones. If we want to attract them to us, we must dress in their favorite color or the one that attracts them.

We can write them letters to enter into communication with them. We must start it by greeting our Angel, in the same way as if we were greeting a great friend, later we let our spirit make the words flow and they come out spontaneously.

If the desire is that the Guardian Angels write to us, we should take a pen or on the keyboard of our computer, let the mind flow and enter the angelic or angelic world, allowing the words to be just as spontaneous.

New Age holds that Angels are soft. However, the Bible differs from this, since these angelic beings can appear in two ways: many times they can be glorious in their appearance, such as those that appeared to the shepherds on Christmas Eve, as well as those that appeared to Isaiah.

In the same way they can make their appearance as humans, they can also appear on the water in the form of light, in clouds, in the rainbow, and it is even possible that they appear in birds.

We can feel them in the same way in our daily lives, for example when we read a book and the page turns by itself with a gentle breeze and makes us pay special attention to a sentence in the reading.

They can also appear or manifest through the lyrics of a song that we listen to. However, we must keep in mind what the Bible determines for us, since not all these experiences are real, many times the devil can disguise himself as a being of light or an Angel.

Holy Guardian Angels

The same ones, as we have said countless times, are invited to contemplate the face of God, and they also have the function of advocating for all humanity, so that although invisible, they must favor, assist and give timely advice to each person at all times. of their life.

Patron Saint Festival of the Police Corps

It is called in this way the party that is addressed to the Guardian Angels or Angels of God, which begins with a beautiful poetry on the day of this great celebration. Within the beautiful poetry with which this celebrity begins, the spirituality and meaning of such a celebration are already summarized, below we detail it as follows:

“My guardian angel, companion and friend of my life, never abandon me, day or night. Although I know you are an invisible spirit, I am confident that you are by my side, that you hear my pleas, prayers, and are watching my steps.

When night falls, I know you defend me against the evil forces of the devil, protecting me with your wings of mother-of-pearl and gold, on my chest. Angel of God the Father, allow me to hear your message, to live it, to always go with you, to God the Father, who I know is sending it to me.

Witness of the invisible, friendly presence of the highest heaven, I thank you for your fidelity and custody, thank you for your sweet company.

There is no doubt as to the existence of the Angels, the Catholic Church has always venerated them and has spread their worship. Saint Gregory the Great held:

“In almost all of the Bible there are contents about the existence of Angels.” In the Old Testament, his prodigious attitude in favor of humanity appears several times: an Angel is the one who warns Lot about the danger of Sodom and the punishment that the city will receive.

Likewise, it was an Angel who consoles Hagar, Abraham’s servant, at the moment when she is taken out of the house and walks aimlessly through the desert. In the same way, he was a spiritual being who helped Saint Elijah and fed him with bread and water at the time of his escape from the hands of Queen Jezebel.

Likewise, it is an Angel who serves as company and full of grace to Tobias and the father as well as to their other relatives. In the New Testament, the angelic figure is seen at the time of Peter’s release from prison and opening the door for him.

Guardian Angels have had a palpable presence in the lives of Saints such as: Saint Agnes, in the Middle Ages, Saint Francis of Assisi.

Likewise, in more recent times, they have also been seen to make a presence in the life of Santa Micaela del Santísimo Sacramento, San Francisco de Sales, Santa Gema Galgani; the presence of each Guardian Angel of each of them is an inseparable friend.

This experience was also lived closely by Blessed Manuel Domingo y Sol.

Since we are born our parents or people responsible for our religious formation invite us to take into account the intimate relationship with our Guardian Angel, we are also recommended not to listen to the perverse Angel or demon since it will lead us to sin.

On the contrary, we must always listen to our good Angel friend who instills in us what we should do and what is best for us.

According to the doctrines established since we are born, we are assigned a Guardian Angel, and likewise each nation, people, family has their own Angel assigned.

The angelic choirs were divided by Saint Thomas Aquinas as nine divisions or groups: “Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones, all belong to the court of the Holy Trinity, as rulers of the Universe the Dominations are known, the Virtues work on the laws of the nature, the Powers fight against demons and snares of evil; these have nations and kingdoms under their responsibility. The Archangels are defenders of minority communities and the Angels protect humanity.”

Similarly, in the Psalms themselves many times there is talk of the Angels. Jesus Christ himself spoke about them on some occasions and about the responsibility of these special and pure angelic beings.

Saint Augustine determined in his time: that “the Guardian Angel loves us as if we were his own brothers and seeks to get us to occupy the chairs that are in heaven and of which the rebellious Angels did not deserve”

What should each of us do for our Angel as gratitude for everything he does for us? The answer is given by the book of Exodus: “Respect him, listen to his voice… If you listen to it and do what he tells you, he will be the enemy of your enemies.”


In this article we have wanted to develop everything related to angelic beings, both their hierarchies, their main functions or responsibilities. Likewise, the subject of the different names is touched on and which are the main Archangels that have participated since the beginning of time, as well as those who are closest to God.

We also touch on the subject of the rebellious Angels or demons that have rebelled against God since the beginning of time and their influence in the present times. In the same way, the different ways of making contact with those friendly beings such as the Guardian Angels.

As Catholics we must be clear and sure of the existence of Angels. We must turn to them with fervent prayer so that they help us in the different situations that we may be going through. Jesus Christ himself had the help of the Angels in his time of the desert and his agony.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that there should not be too much speculation regarding the Angels. Nor should the practice of esotericism or readings opposed to the belief in God and the Angels cross our minds.

It will be enough for the Guardian Angel of each soul to remind us of God’s Providence and that He cares for us much more than the birds of the firmament.

As we have said before, the creation of God in terms of the Angels has as its sole purpose the fulfillment of his will and they are the ones in charge of executing them before men.

God himself wants to protect us through our Guardian Angel and to defend us and protect us from evil, through prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, since he is in charge of crushing all the evil actions of the devil.

We thank you Lord for giving us these beautiful spiritual brothers of light so that they help us and we can be led by them to heaven where we will meet the Presence of God the Father. So be it.

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